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Stanchion With Separate Base And Wrap-around Bail

To order please select a Hunter model: 290, 306, 310, 320, 326, 340, 356, 356, 380, 386, 410, 420, 426, 44AC, 44DS, 450-456, 46, 460-466

Hunter used this stanchion design in the late 90s and early 2000s. (These do NOT fit boats with an aluminum toe rail from the late-80's to mid-90's, available here.)

These stanchion assemblies have a separate base with a wrap-around bail. The stanchion pole drops into the base.

These assemblies used at least three different bail sizes and some boats used a different size and angle on each stanchion. Compounding the problem, the bases were hand welded on a jig, so there are variations even within bails of the same size.

For all of these reasons, we supply the Base and Bail separately for them to matched to the original base height and location of the Bails.

Due to natural variation in hand-welded parts, the bail may need to adjusted up to 1/4 inch to meet the mounting holes in the deck. This can be resolved by bending the bail slightly at the time of installation of the base to the Bail.

Gate stanchions may also need to be adjusted to match the existing mounting holes.

The original bases and stanchions were drilled for a 10-24 bolt on the bottom and a set screw on the top. However, the new bases and stanchions are drilled for two 1/4-20 bolts, top and bottom. Because stanchions are critical safety equipment on your boat we strongly recommend that stanchions and bases be replaced in sets. The mounting holes will not match when using an original base with a new stanchion and will require you to drill new holes in the base.

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