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Carbon Monoxide Monitor

To order please select a Hunter model: 25, 31, 326, 33, 356, 36, 36c, 36e, 39, 41, 41DS, 45cc, 45DS, 50, 50cc, MH31, MH37, MH40

The CO detectors that Hunter used are no longer in production, but this replacement will work in the space and connects to the same wires. It is a more compact version - perfect for your boat!

- NMMA Listed Component
- Designed to work in the marine environment
- No false alarms due to new boat smell, outgassing or non-hazardous levels of hydrocarbon gases encountered while boating
- The only marine CO alarm listed to operational temperatures of -40F to 158F
- Low current draw (37 mA)
- Alarm mute with auto reset With a press of a button, the mute circuit will temporarily silence the alarm Alarm will reactivate if it still senses dangerous levels of CO
- End of life signal alerts you after 5 years of service
- Low voltage power warning at 7 Volts
- Current draw: 37 mA @ 138 VDC
- Operational Range: 138 Volts +/- 15%
- Low voltage power warning at 7 Volts
- Case Size: 3.5 in W x 2.5 in H x 1.25 in D (Surface Mounting Bracket 1/4 in)

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