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Running Rigging / Sheets And Halyards

To order please select a Hunter model: , 140, 146, 170, 18, 18.5, 19 (91-94), 212, 216, 22 (1980s), 23, 23.5, 240, 25, 25 (1980s), 25.5, 26, 26.5, 260, 27, 27 (89-94), 27_EDGE, 28, 28.5, 280, 29.5, 30 (1980s), 30 (1989-1993), 306, 31, 31 (83-87), 310, 32 Vision, 320, 326, 33, 33 (1981), 33.5, 336, 34, 340, 35, 35.5, 356, 36, 36 (1980s), 37, 37.5, 376, 38, 380, 386, 39, 40.5, 41, 410, 420, 430, 450-456, 45DS, 49, 50cc

These are the sheets, halyards, and other lines that were specified by Hunter for your boat, complete eye-splices and shackles and ready to install.

Please note that we cannot guarantee this what you currently have, only what you are supposed to have. You may have different lines due to changes by a prior owner, supply shortages that caused factory substitution, or special rigging ordered by a dealer.

MANUFACTURERS: All lines shown are Samson XLS3, which is the descendent of lines used by Hunter for many years. All headboard shackles are made by Ronstan and snap shackles by either Ronstan or Wichard.

COLORS: Colors were subject to change so we have not specified them. You can select colors to match what you currently have or do something different.

SPLICING AND WHIPS: Eye splices and shackles are included where called for in the original Hunter spec. All loose ends are whipped.

SUBSTITUTIONS AND MODIFICATIONS: Sorry, we cannot substitute or modify lines ordered through this screen. If you have specific requirements in mind please try our Running Rigging Calculator, which offers a few configuration options and automatically specifies adequate size and length for more than 4,000 boats. Or, if you know exactly what you want use our Running Rigging Builder which gives you total control over the line, size, length, color, whips, splices, and shackles.

A NOTE ABOUT HALYARDS FOR FURLING MAINSAILS: Furling Selden rigs should use Samson MLX for the mainsail halyard. If not displayed below please call us for pricing and color availability.

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Please check to make sure the part you're replacing looks like the one in the photo. There may be small differences due to manufacturer upgrades and redesigns.