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Stanchion With Wrap-around Bail

This stanchion was used on Hunters from the late 80s through the late 90s, including all of the Legend-era boats as well as some Hunter 31 and 34 models.

These stanchions have what is called a "wrap-around bail" which was welded to the post by hand, causing small variations in the specs. When your boat was built the technician would grab a stanchion, fit it to the toe rail, and drill holes for the feet wherever they landed on the deck.

Due to the variations in the bail weld the feet may not line up exactly with the holes drilled when your boat was built. This is true whether you're replacing a stanchion with an original or one of our new replacements.

To assist with fit we have made larger holes in the feet which are countersunk. This allows you some wiggle room to angle the screw if the hole isn't perfectly aligned.

Also, please note that the black plastic cap has been eliminated in favor of a stainless steel tip of the same shape. This helped us lower the price, as we avoided the mold and assembly costs of the original.

Gate stanchion

Please indicate port/starboard and forward/aft (if necessary) in the comments field at checkout. For SKUs 827400 and 827450, they're sold in relation to which direction the support leg faces, NOT boat location). If unsure which one you need, please contact us. Photo to the left is an illustration of port aft/starboard forward. (the support leg faces aft on the port side, and faces forward on the starboard side).

Bolts and screws

You can reuse your existing fasteners if they're in good condition, or replace them now.

When replacing the toe rail bolt we recommend using a little anti-seizing lubricant in the bottom of the stanchion to help minimize corrosion. Each toe rail bolt requires one flat and one locking washer.

The machine screws used to fasten the support feet to the deck should be one of two lengths: 3/4" or 1-1/4". Please check your boat to see which you need.

If you can't get the machine screws to bite, you may consider using a tapping screw. There is an aluminum plate embedded in the fiberglass and so long as the screws securely bite into that the installation should be solid.

Stanchions and lifelines are important safety equipment on your boat. If you are unsure of how to replace them please consider hiring a qualified professional.

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Please check to make sure the part you're replacing looks like the one in the photo. There may be small differences due to manufacturer upgrades and redesigns.

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Stanchion, Gate, With Bail, Starboard Forward/port Aft (direction Of Support Leg)
22 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 1 business days
Stanchion, Gate, With Bail, Port Forward/starboard Aft (direction Of Support Leg)
18 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 1 business days
Stanchion, Post, With Wrap Around Bail
32 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 1 business days
Permatex Anti-seize Lubricant, 8 Oz. Brush Top Bottle
22 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 1 business days
Fastener Kit, Includes Toe Rail Bolt, 2 Toe Rail Bolt Washers, 4 Machine Screws For Feet (2 Of Each Length)
38 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 1 business days