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Stanchion And Base, 24 In, 2004-present

Stanchions are available in both post stanchion (one leg) and gate stanchion (two legs) configurations. Some boats have only one gate stanchion on each side. If that is the case, please specify port or starboard in the comments box when checking out.

In 2011 Hunter changed stanchion suppliers and the new stanchion has a larger inside diameter than the pre-2011 stanchion. The pre-2011 design is unavailable and no longer in production.

To avoid fit problems please order using this guide:

Boats built in 2011 and later: the stanchions shown here should fit perfectly on your existing bases.

Boats built before 2011 and you are mixing old and new parts: The current replacement stanchions are too large for your existing bases and will wobble, creating a potentially unsafe condition. There are two options for replacement:

- Remove the existing base and replace both the stanchion and base with a set that fit together properly.

- Replace only the stanchion but modify the base with the shim kit (shown below).

The shim kit is a flexible, self-adhesive strip of stainless steel that wraps around the base. The shim cuts easily with standard household scissors, which can also be used to puncture the shim at the bolt holes. With the stainless steel shim in place you get a solid, secure installation without having to remove and re-bed a stanchion base.

If your boat only has one gate stanchion on either side and the leg with the single hole is facing forward, that is considered a forward stanchion. If the leg is facing aft, that is an aft stanchion.

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Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Please check to make sure the part you're replacing looks like the one in the photo. There may be small differences due to manufacturer upgrades and redesigns.

Item No.PartStatusPriceQty
Gate Stanchion (two Legs), 24 Inches - Starboard Fwd Or Port Aft
19 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Gate Stanchion (two Legs), 24 Inches - Port Fwd Or Stb Aft
41 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Post Stanchion (single Leg), 24 Inches
53 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Stanchion Base
20 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Stanchion Shim Kit - Stainless Steel
9 units in stock, leaves warehouse in 2 business days