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Wireless Electronic Remote Control

Turn On Any Electronic Device From a Distance

An incredibly useful product. This On/Off remote system can be used with any electrical device or combination of devices, allowing you to turn them on or off from as far as 50 feet away.
Use as a security measure - turn on boarding lights, spreader lights, interior lights, etc. as you approach or leave your boat
Use as a convenience - turn on stereo, cabin lights, TVs, etc.
Range of up to 50 feet
Function: On/Off, or 2 minute timer
Simple in-line receiver installation
Weatherproof receiver can be mounted anywhere; fobs float if dropped in water
Total amperage of switched circuits can be up to 10 amps @ 12 volts
Up to four fobs, for multiple users, can be coded to a single receiver
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Wireless Electronic Remote Control, Wireless Remote System - 1 Receiver (12V), 1 Keychain Fob
SKU 130072

Mfg p/n 17100-7
Type: Wireless Remote System - 1 Receiver (12V), 1 Keychain Fob
Out of Stock$61.84
Wireless Electronic Remote Control, Keychain Fob, only
SKU 167978

Mfg p/n 17110-1
Type: Keychain Fob, only
Out of Stock$22.31

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