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Sperry Wire Tracker

Wireless Continuity Tester

An incredibly useful and convenient tool, this wireless continuity tester allows you to see if there is an electrical path between two points in an electric system. It is often used to identify the far end of a particular wire among a number of possible wires.
The base unit attaches to one end of the circuit using the one of the included built-in connectors for common wiring applications - RJ-45 (data), RJ-11 (telephone) and co-axial jacks, automotive fuse blade, and alligator clips for wires with exposed terminals. The wireless wand can then be applied to various points to check for electrical continuity.
Wireless - no need for an additional long wire to complete the test circuit - perfect for solo technicians
Transmitter (base unit) propagates a signal down the non-energized (non-live) wire; an LED flashes to indicate the unit is active
Receiver (handheld wand) flashes and warbles when the signal is detected at the other end of the wire
As with any continuity meter, it sends a current down the wire - so it only works on non-energized (non-live) wires
Circuit length as much as 1,000 ft, but decreases with intervening splices and connections (especially in co-ax cable)
Dimensions: Base 6"L x 3"W x 1-1/2"D; Wand 5-3/4"L
Transmitter uses two (2) AAA batteries; receiver uses four (4) button cell batteries (LR44)
Auto-off after 45 minutes to conserve batteries
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Sperry Wire Tracker™
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