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Accessories for RCL-75 Searchlight

Installation and Second Station Components

Accessories for RCL-75 Searchlight.
Unlike other ACR searchlights, the RCL-75 Searchlight uses a Point Pad2 for remote control, as well as second station installations.The Point Pad2 come with a bezel for surface mounting, but includes a plate for flush mountiing. Flush mounting requires 2 sets of ACR #9444 U-Clamps. (A total of 4 clamps.)
A #9426 Cable (17 ft) comes with the searchlight, but additional units are required to connect the #9442 splitter cable to the point pads when installing a second control station for the searchlight. The #9426 cable has a round waterproof connector at the searchlight end, and a flat connector at the point pad end.
The #9469 Cable (17 ft) is available as an extension to the #9426, if you need more cable length to reach the point pad. It has flat connectors at both ends.
The #9427 Mounting Risers are used to elevate the RCL-75 Searchlight to clear obstacles, etc. They can be stacked on top of each other to gain more elevation.
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RCL-75 Searchlight - Second Station Point Pad2
SKU 136866

Mfg p/n 9428
Out of Stock$88.34
RCL-75 Searchlight - Point Pad Cable Harness (17 ft); Round/Round Connectors
SKU 142619

Mfg p/n 9426
Out of Stock$84.81
RCL-75 Searchlight - Second Station Splitter; Round Waterproof Connectors
SKU 142620

Mfg p/n 9442
Out of Stock$151.94
RCL-75 Searchlight - Point Pad Cable Harness Extension (17 ft); Round/Flat Connectors
SKU 195829

Mfg p/n 9469
Out of Stock$97.18
RCL-75 Searchlight - 1 in. Thick Mounting Riser
SKU 211892

Mfg p/n 9427
Out of Stock$14.08

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