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Fall Protection Anchors

For Exposed I or H Beams

These Anchors clamp or attach to exposed I or H beams and provide secure anchor points.
All these items meet OSHA 1926, ANSI z359.1-2007 Standards.
BeamWalk III Anchor - Mobile Anchor for horizontal applications only.
- Slides smoothly on beam, but not a trolley - must be re-positioned when worker moves along beam.
- Fits 3.5" to 14" beams with a maximum thickness of 1.25".
- Double-action safety release clamps; tensile strength is 5,000 lb.
- Length is approximately 18".
- If positioned at foot level, must use #3530 Power Stop Lanyard rated for a 12 ft. fall.
Vertical BeamKlamp Anchor - Stationary Anchor.
- Fits beams 4" to 12" wide and 1.25" thick
- For both horizontal and vertical attachment, with dual attachment points
- Hand tightened clamp and jam nuts secure unit
- Tensile strength exceeds 5,000 lb
- Length is 21"
Heavy Duty Cross Arm Strap - 1.75" and 3" webbing; designed to wrap around structures; standard 6 ft with other lengths available
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Fall Protection Anchors, Cross Arm Strap 6 ft.
SKU 211394

Mfg p/n 078371-00276
Length: 6 ft.
Model: 6 ft.
Type: Cross Arm Strap
Out of Stock$52.12
Fall Protection Anchors, Beamwalk III Anchor Approx. 18 in.
SKU 211395

Mfg p/n 078371-00277
Fits: Beams 3.5" to 14" Wide, 1.25" Thick
Length: Approx. 18"
Model: Mobile
Tensile Str.: 5,000 lbs.
Type: Beamwalk III Anchor
Weight: 4 lbs.
Out of Stock$201.31
Fall Protection Anchors, Vertical/Horizontal BeamKlamp Anchor 21 in.
SKU 211396

Mfg p/n 078371-00278
Fits: Beams 4" to 12" Wide, 1.25" Thick
Length: 21"
Model: Stationary
Tensile Str.: >5,000 lbs.
Type: Vertical/Horizontal BeamKlamp Anchor
Weight: 7.4 lbs.
Out of Stock$179.40

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