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Twist 'n Fill Janatorial Concentrates

Makes Many Gallons - Saves Time & Money

3M's Twist 'n Fill is a compact, versatile chemical dispensing system which accurately dilutes chemical concentrates with water to create a wide range of ready-to-use cleaning products.
The result? Mixing is easy and less wasteful. Your cleaning chemicals are consistent. Storage of chemicals is reduced to a fraction of that needed for traditional systems. And, in the long run, your costs are lower.
And you can be sure that the diluted products are accurately diluted and effective.
Interchangeable chemical concentrate bottles provide maximum flexibility in product selection, while the compact size allows for use in almost any location.
Install next to sinks, in janitor closets, on carts or other portable applications.
In use, the dispenser mounts on a wall, or other location, and is connected to a water source.
The selected product bottle is mounted in the dispenser.
Twist the bottle to start the flow, twist the bottle to stop the flow after your container is full.
Unique tornado action prevents cross-contamination when bottles are switched - no need to rinse.
Concentrate bottles automatically supply the proper flow rate, depending on the product type: 1 gallon per minute for filling small spray bottles, or 3 gpm for large pails. See Spec Table.
Huge money saver compared to buying bottles of similar ready-to-use products
2 liters of concentrate makes many gallons of product
Unique cap design allows interchange of bottles in just seconds
All inflow and dispenser hoses and quick-connect hardware are included
Use of dispenser requires a water source
Note: In spite of the confusing naming and labeling of these products, ALL these items are sold in 2 liter containers; 6 per case
General Purpose Cleaner - High-performance, all-purpose cleaner for use on floors, walls and other nonporous surfaces
Glass Cleaner - Non-streaking cleaner for windows, glass and mirrored surfaces
Industrial Degreaser - Removes petroleum-based grease and oil, animal fats, food soils and heavy dirt buildup
Disinfectant Cleaner - For use in hospitals. EPA-registered disinfectant cleaner kills pathogens. Rinse-free, low foaming, neutral pH formula
Hospital Disinfectant - For use in hospitals. Rinse-free, EPA-registered broad spectrum disinfectant kills pathogens. For disinfecting and cleaning noncritical items
Bathroom Cleaner - Mild acid cleaner removes soap scum and scale
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Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Glass Cleaner - Non-Streaking - 2 Liter Concentrate - Makes 30 Gallons
SKU 146910

Mfg p/n 048011-23357
Concentrate Flow Rate: Low Flow
Makes: 30 Gallon
Model: 1L
Per Case: 6
Size: 2 Liter
Type: Non-Streaking Glass Cleaner
Out of Stock$64.42
Hospital Disinfectant - HB Quat, EPA-Reg., Rinse Free - 2 Liter Concentrate - Makes 180 Gallons
SKU 146911

Mfg p/n 048011-23551
Concentrate Flow Rate: Low Flow
Makes: 180 Gallon
Model: 25L
Per Case: 6
Size: 2 Liter
Type: Rinse-Free, EPA-Reg., Hospital Disinfectant
Out of Stock$57.12
Twist 'n Fill Chemical Dispenser
SKU 212236

Mfg p/n 048011-23592
Concentrate Flow Rate:
Per Case: 1
Type: Twist 'n Fill Chemical Dispenser
Out of Stock$114.63
Twist 'n Fill Chemical Dispenser with Pressure Relief Valve
SKU 212237

Mfg p/n 048011-23593
Concentrate Flow Rate:
Per Case: 1
Type: Twist 'n Fill Chemical Dispenser with Pressure Relief Valve
Out of Stock$114.63
General Purpose Cleaner - High Performance - 2 Liter Concentrate - Makes 35 Gallons
SKU 212239

Mfg p/n 048011-19212
Concentrate Flow Rate: High Flow
Makes: 35 Gallon
Model: 8H
Per Case: 6
Size: 2 Liter
Type: High Performance General Purpose Cleaner
Out of Stock$51.20
Industrial Degreaser - 2 Liter Concentrate - Makes 74 Gallons
SKU 212241

Mfg p/n 048011-29665
Concentrate Flow Rate: Low Flow
Makes: 74 Gallon
Model: 26L
Per Case: 6
Size: 2 Liter
Type: Industrial Degreaser
Out of Stock$66.92
Disinfectant Cleaner - Neutral Quat, EPA Registered - 2 Liter Concentrate - Makes 120 Gallons
SKU 212449

Mfg p/n 048011-26057
Concentrate Flow Rate: Low Flow
Makes: 120 Gallon
Model: 23L
Per Case: 6
Size: 2 Liter
Type: Neutral Quat Disinfectant Cleaner
Out of Stock$36.30

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