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Dynamic Mixing System - Pneumatic Gun

For No Mess Mixing and Application of DMS Fillers and Glazes

The Dynamic Mixing Gun, powered by your pneumatic air system, is always ready when you are.
No mixing, scooping, or clean-up.
Just grab the self-mixing, self-contained applicator gun and dispense exactly the amount of filler you need, right where you want it.
No more reaching into the can to scoop out filler, or worrying about adding too much or too little hardener to fillers or glazes.
Your working timeclock resets with every pull of the trigger, so you don't have to rush to complete the job before youre ready to.
No air gets into the cartridge while the components are mixed in the nozzle - so there are no pinholes in the final finish.
Your hands stay clean, your work area stays clean, and the boat stays clean from start to finish.
Less waste, less cleanup, less time - saves money!
Cartridge simply snaps onto the front of the gun - dispenses filler on-demand
Mix only the exact amount you need
Small, short nozzle guarantees low waste
Easy-on, easy-off cartridges for finishing jobs faster
Gun is approximately 23" long and 15" high, including the trigger handle; approx. 9 lb
Nozzles are sold separately; see Related Products, below
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DMS Pneumatic Dynamic Mixing Gun
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