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8101 2-Part Urethane Structural Adhesive

Short 2 Minute Pot Life

Structural Adhesive is a two-part urethane adhesive which cures rapidly at room temperature and can be accelerated with heat.
It has good adhesion to a wide variety of glass, plastic and metal substrates.
General purpose gray structural adhesive
Easy to mix, sets up quickly, spreads smoothly, and cures to an extremely strong bond
Use for trim, fiberglass, and flexible body parts repair
Must be used within 2 minutes of mixing, or bond strength will be compromised
Contact/clamping pressure is necessary
Cures to "handling" strength in 1 hour; full cure in 8 hours (75 F)
Two 2 fl oz tubes/kit
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8101 2-Part Urethane Structural Adhesive - 4 oz Kit
SKU 13402

Mfg p/n 051135-08101
Per Case: 6 Kits
Type: Structural Adhesive - 2 Tube Kit, 4 oz. Total
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