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747D High Performance Flap Discs - TN Attachment

Type 27 TN Quick Change Attachment System

The high performance 747 abraisve series is a durable blend of aluminum oxide and ultra-hard Cubitron ceramic mineral, providing better cut and extended life on hard metal surfaces.
Flap discs combine the cutting ability of a coarse disc with the blending capabilities of a finer disc in a single unit.
As the disc breaks in, the abrasive on the edge of the flaps wears off somewhat, leaving a softer edge with more of the cloth backing exposed.
This softer edge has an increased polishing effect.
As a result, a 36 grit flap disc will grind like 36 grit, but leave a finish closer to that of a finer grit disc.
Flat style Type 27 flap disc
These discs feature 3M's TN quick connect socket for easy switching of attachments
Note Flap discs typically provide a finish that is one grade finer than their actual rating
These 747D discs are a step up from the 577F aluminum zirconia flap discs in terms of speed of cut and durability; see Related Products, below.
For a premium flap disc with the best performance, consider 3M's flagship 967A Cubitron II flap discs.
Note, however, that these alternatives are convex, Type 29 discs, not flat like these Type 27 discs..
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4-1/2 in. 747D Type 27 Flap Disc - 36X Grade, (10)
SKU 211932

Mfg p/n 051111-55805
Attachment System: TN 5/8-11 Quick Change
Backing Material: Cloth
Backing Weight: X
Dia.: 4-1/2"
Grade: 36
Max. RPM: 13,300 rpm
Per Case: 10
Type: Type 27
Out of Stock$13.32

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