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963G Roloc Cloth Grinding Disc - TR Attachment

Pure Cubitron Ceramic Abrasive - for Carbon Steel TR Plastic Button

Before the launch of Cubitron II 984 Roloc discs, these first generation Cubitron grinding discs represented the top tier of 3M's high performance discs for hardened steel applications.
The Cubitron abrasive mineral is an incredibly hard and durable synthetic ceramic mineral with self-sharpening edges.
Roloc Grinding Discs provide a fast, efficient method for grinding, blending, leveling, and finishing on all types of metal.
They lock securely in place with just a half twistanother half twist and theyre off.
Each disc is color coded by grade.
3M's "Best" quality
Suitable for grinding carbon steel
Durable 1--ply backing
Can be run wet or dry
Standard Roloc TR threaded plastic Button Attachment system
Use these discs with a Roloc Disc Pad to support the disc; see Related Products, below.
With a disc pad assembly, this is a handy, quick change, grinding disc, which fits any standard 1/4" drill or air tool.
For a step up in performance and disc life, consider 3M's extraordianry 984F Cubitron II Roloc Discs.
For a more economical alternative, but with a shorter disc life, take a look at the 777F Series of Roloc Grinding Discs.
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
3 in. Roloc TR 963G Cloth Grinding Disc - 120XF (50)
SKU 212082

Mfg p/n 051144-11100
Backing Weight: XF-Weight
Diameter: 3"
Grade: 120
Max. RPM: 20,000
Per Box: 50
Per Case: 200
1 in stock$55.21

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