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Speedglas SL Super Light Welding Helmet

For Specialty (TIG) and Quick Welding Tasks Only 13.4 oz Complete

At a mere 13 ounces, including the filter, the SL is lighter than any other Speedglas helmet.
It is also the narrowest helmet, making it ideal for welding in very tight spaces.
A "Grab & Go" a motion sensor automatically turns ON the welding filter when you pick up the helmet, making this helmet ideal for quick welding tasks.
The included Speedglas Auto Darkening Filter ensures uniform shading and minimum distortion across the entire filter viewing area.
Speedglas SL Helmets provide excellent optical performance, auto-darkening filters with a light shade of 3 and a dark shade range of 8 - 12 for use with all arc welding processes.
Super-light 13.4 oz weight alleviates neck strain
Superior optics
ADF viewing area: 1.68" x 3.57" (6.00 sq in)
Use for all arc welding processes: stick, MIG, TIG, and plasma
4 sensitivity levels for adjustment for various welding processes and ambient light levels
One-hand adjustable, 4-position headband with back-and-forth adjustment fits more head sizes
Motion sensing technology with replaceable batteries for "instant on" functionality
Non-absorbant material won't absorb moisture and become heavy
Hard-coated Outer Protection Plate is available
Heavy on the technical side...
Speedglas SL Series ADF Specifications
Dark State: Shade 8 - 12
Light state: Shade 3
TIG rating: >1 amp
Switching speed: 0.15 msec @ 73F
Dark to light switching delay: 100 - 250 msec
UV/IR protection: Shade 12 (permanent - even when the ADF is off)
Viewing area: 1.68" x 3.57" (6.00 sq in)
Number of sensors: 2
Battery life (approx.): 2 years (1,500 hr)
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 13 oz
Compliance: CSA Z94.3; ANSI Z87.1 - 2003
Classification: 1/2/2/3
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Speedglas SL Welding Helmet
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