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PPS H/O Pressure Cups - for HGP Gun

High Output Cup Works with Any Pressure Pot Style Gun

An economical and innovative system for mixing and spraying coatings with your current pressure-fed spray gun.
Use this PPS H/O Pressure Cup in place of gun-mounted - or detached - 1 and 2 quart pressure pots.
The PPS, Paint Preparation System, uses a rigid cup and collar which hold a disposable liner and a lid with an integral strainer.
The single-use liners and lids drastically reduce the amount of solvent and time required for cleanup, since only the gun and adapter will need cleaning.
Available in 6 oz (Mini) and 28 oz (Large) sizes
Designed for gravity feed or traditional siphon spray gun systems
Eliminates the need for separate mixing cups and filters
Offers up to 70% reduction in solvent use for gun and parts cleaning
Reduced hazardous waste generated by equipment cleaning
Virtually any spray gun can be adapted to the PPS paint cup system
Each cup includes: (1) pressurized cup with hose and hose port and (1) retaining collar and shroud assembly
For the appropriate adaptor for your spray gun, please see Related Products (below) for our entry for PPS Cup Adapters, or contact Fisheries Supply at 800-426-6930 and ask for 3M Customer Service.
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Specs Status Price Quantity
MINI H/O Pressure Cup Kit - Two 6 oz Pressure Cups
SKU 205919

Mfg p/n 051131-16121
Per Case: 8 Cups
Size: Mini (6 oz)
Use With: Mini (#16114) 6 oz Cup Liners
1 in stock$56.08
LARGE H/O Pressure Cup Kit - One 28 oz Cup
SKU 205920

Mfg p/n 051131-16124
Per Case: 2 Cups
Size: Large (28 oz)
Use With: Large (#16024) 28 oz Cup Liners
2 in stock$94.86

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