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Scotchcode Write-On Wire Marking/Labeling Tape and Dispenser

Includes Permanent Marking Pen

These self-laminating, write-on markers are handy for identifying wire and cable as well as automotive spark plug wires, household, plumbing and sporting equipment.
The dispensers are easy to use, refillable and come with a permanent marking pen.
The labels are clear with a white writing area.
They are designed so the clear tail overlaps the writing area to protect it.
Transparent vinyl film with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Small dispenser model #SWD: 250 labels are 0.75" x 1.375", with a write-on area of 0.3" x 0.75"; recommended wire diameters of 0.09" to 0.31" (approx. 12 AWG to 2 AWG)
Large dispenser model #SLW: 70 labels are 1.0" x 5.0", with a write-on area of 0.75" x 1.0"; recommended wire diameters of 0.23" to 1.32" (approx. 4 AWG to 1,000 cir. mils [larger than 6/0])
Marking pen performs well on nonporous surfaces, has an extra-fine point with permanent, quick-drying ink; superior UV and water resistance; replacement pens are sold by the each
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Scotchcode Write-On Wire Marking/Labeling Tape and Dispenser , SWD w/Small Labels (12 - 2 AWG)
SKU 209783

Mfg p/n 054007-11954
Label Size: 0.75" x 1.375"
Model #: SWD
Type: SWD w/Small Labels
Wire Gauge: 12 - 2 AWG
1 in stock$40.21
Scotchcode Write-On Wire Marking/Labeling Tape and Dispenser , SLW w/Large Labels (4 AWG - 1,000 cmil)
SKU 209786

Mfg p/n 054007-12177
Label Size: 1.0" x 5.0"
Model #: SLW
Type: SLW w/Large Labels
Wire Gauge: 4 AWG - 1,000 cmil
1 in stock$44.09

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