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Wishbone Breathing Tube/Air Regulator Assemblies

Converts Any 3M Full- or Half-Facepiece Respirator Into a Supplied Air Respirator

These positive pressure systems afford a higher level of protection than face masks alone, as the user is not dependent on the integrity of the facepiece seal to prevent exposure.
The wishbone style dual airline breathing tube and regulator assembly enables you to use your 3M half- or full-facepiece respirator with supplied air.
You will need to decide on high or low pressure for your air source.
High pressure typically refers to using your shop air compressor with additional filtration and pressure regulation (#2806 Filter Panel - see Related )Products, below).
Low pressure requires the purchase of a dedicated low pressure air pump.
NIOSH/MSHA approved, and ideal for welding, spray painting, chemical handling, and many other applications
Choose a half facepiece for fitting under welding shields and other safety gear
Dual airline assemblies are compatible with all 3M bayonet facepieces
Wishbone Assemblies come with either long wishbone hose legs for running up your back and around to the facepiece, or short wishbone hose legs for hanging from the front of the facepiece.
Both come with clips for securing the hose to your garment.
We list the more popular back-mounted assemblies.
Kits with "Standard" Wishbone Air Hoses -
In most work environments, "standard" front or back mounted, direct-connect hoses are adequate for complete worker respiratory protection.
Kits with "Combination" Wishbone Air Hoses -
In some circumstances, it may be necessary to disconnect from the "house" supplied air hose in order to maneuver around an obstacle, exit the spray booth, etc. leaving the worker unprotected during that time.
Use of a "combination" air hose allows a connection from the belt-mounted regulator to the facepiece for positive pressure supplied air, and also has a provision on the facepiece bayonet connector to attach an appropriate filter/cartridge for self-contained negative pressure protection (see image).
This keeps the worker protected at all times even when temporarily disconnected from the supplied air source.
Switch-over between supplied air and filter/cartridge air occurs automatically when the "house" airline is disconnected or reconnected.
Use of a filter/cartridge is mandatory when using a "combination" hose they won't function properly without them.
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Combination Back-Mounted High Pressure Supplied Air Kit (Shown)
SKU 212395

Mfg p/n 051138-54242
Includes: HP Regulator & Belt + "Long" Combination Wishbone Tube
Type: Combination Back-Mounted High Pressure Kit (Shown)
Out of Stock$469.52
Standard Back-Mounted High Pressure Supplied Air Kit (Regulator+Wishbone Tube+Belt)
SKU 75114

Mfg p/n 051138-46394
Includes: HP Regulator & Belt + "Long" Stanard Wishbone Tube
Type: Standard Back-Mounted High Pressure Kit (Regulator+Wishbone Tube+Belt)
Out of Stock$376.39
Combination Back-Mounted Low Pressure Supplied Air Kit
SKU 82106

Mfg p/n 051138-54243
Includes: LP Regulator & Belt + "Long" Combination Wishbone Tube
Type: Combination Back-Mounted Low Pressure Kit
Out of Stock$424.36

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