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Super 77 Adhesive - Original Formula

Fast Tack Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

With many uses, this is a high tack, high coverage, fast drying, nearly clear adhesive for permanently attaching ;ightweight foils, headliners, foams, paper, cardboard, felt, and fabrics to painted or unpainted metals, wood, hardboard, foamboard, and other base materials.
Super 77 is unique among spray adhesives.
Its special low viscosity formula sprays as a fine mist, rather than a thick lace making it ideal for use on delicate fabrics which can dimple with other adhesives.
Super 77 is the spray adhesive to use when your goal is applying a thin, even layer of adhesive.
Super 77 is popular for use as a clear, dry lay-up adhesive in preparation for resin infusion of fiberglass structures.
Synthetic elastomer-based adhesive
Versatile securely bonds many lightweight materials
Fast tacking
Little or no soak-in
High coverage
Working time from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on conditions
High VOCs: 84%, but does not contain ozone depleting chemicals
Not recommended for use on vinyls
Available in bulk quantities; see Related Products, below
This "Original" formula is not for sale in California
A low VOC formulation is available as Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive (MMM 21210), which is compliant for use in California and other states with VOC restrictions; see Related Products, below
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16.5 oz Super 77 Spray Adhesive - Original Formula
SKU 203684

Mfg p/n 021200-96315
Can Size: 24 fl oz
Net Weight: 16.5 oz
Per Case: 12
Solids (Wt): 25%
VOCs: 84%
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