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ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay - 500A - 12V DC or 24V DC

Charge Additional Battery Banks With No Voltage Drop!

Includes ML-Series Remote Control Contura Switch PN 2146
Automatically manages the charging of two large battery banks
Allows paralleling of battery banks for emergency starting
500 Ampere continuous rating to support high-output alternators
Magnetic Latch (ML)ACR draws very low current ( Dual sensingsenses charge on both battery banks
Start Isolation (SI)can be configured for temporary isolation of House loads from Engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics
Engine Isolation (EI)can be configured for isolation of two engines while both are running to protect engine electronics and maximize alternator output
Senses charging on two battery banks
LED output to remotely indicate when batteries are combined, isolated, in voltage lockout, or in Start or Engine isolation
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ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay - 12V DC 500A
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Volts: 12V DC
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ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay - 24V DC 500A
SKU 204889

Mfg p/n 7621
Volts: 24V DC
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