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Marine Restorer and Wax

For Heavily Oxidized Finishes

Designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking, fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains.
Provides protection for fiberglass/gelcoat.
Unique formulation combines a rubbing compound with a special blend of waxes which restore shine and protect in one application.
(Rub the oxidized boat's dull surface with your hand, if a chalky residue comes off on your hand, this is the product to use.)
Removes oxidation and waxes in one step
Restores color and gloss
Aggressive formulation
Protects against UV damage
Can be applied by hand or electric buffer
Leaves warehouse: Next business day
(if in stock)

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

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Current inventory as of Monday, 4:30 am Pacific time
Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Marine Restorer and Wax, Quart
SKU 37673

Mfg p/n 051131-09006
Per Case: 6
Size: Quart
Type: Color Restorer & Wax
10 in stock$36.64
Marine Restorer and Wax, Pint
SKU 37684

Mfg p/n 051131-09005
Per Case: 6
Size: Pint
Type: Color Restorer & Wax
Out of Stock$23.07
Marine Restorer and Wax, Gallon
SKU 37690

Mfg p/n 051131-09007
Per Case: 2
Size: Gallon
Type: Color Restorer & Wax
7 in stock$99.62

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