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Icon Label Kit for Battery Switches

Picture Labels for m-Series, e-Series and HD-Series Switches

This is a label kit for Blue Sea battery switches.
It works with all m-Series Mini, all e-Series, and all HD-Series battery switches.
It contains 18 common icon labels for battery switches, to identify circuits.
These are: Battery 1, Battery 2, Battery 3, Bow Thruster, Chassis, Engine Mid, Engine Port, Engine Starboard, Engine, Engine 1, Engine 2, Generator, House, Parallel, Inverter, Ground, Windlass, and Blank.
The labels affix to the center of the battery switch knob.
Note these are ICON labels featuring easy-to-identify images, rather than word labels.
For example: The windlass label show an anchor; the Engine 1 label shows a propeller and the #1; etc.
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Icon Label Kit for M-Series Mini Battery Switches - Labels Fit on Center of Knob
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