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CO Monitor Calibration Kit for Supplied Air Panels

Calibrates Carbon Monoxide Monitors in Air Purification Panels

This device is used to calibrate the concentration meter on the Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors buitl into the 3M Portable Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panels 256-02-00 and 256-02-01, and also the 3M Retrofit CO Monitor Kit W-2808 (Automotive #37027).
This Calibration Kit is designed to allow the 3M Carbon Monoxide Monitor to be zeroed and spanned to insure accurate readings of CO in the air flowing through 3M Portable Air Purification Panels.
Contains a 0.6 cubic foot cylinder of zero gas, a 0.6 cubic foot cylinder of span gas, cylinder valve and case.
The monitor is set to read zero when exposed to the "zero" gas with no carbon monoxide.
Then the monitor is set to read the concentration of the "span#4; gas which does contain carbon monoxide.
The calibration kit 529-04-49 is furnished with a non-adjustable regulator to ease the calibrating procedure.
The CO monitor should be calibrated prior to use and every two weeks for the first month.
After the first month, calibrate the monitor monthly if it is used on a continuous basis (daily or weekly).
If the monitor is used on a non-continuous basis, the monitor should be calibrated prior to each use.
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Small Calibration Kit (Model 529-04-49) for CO Monitor
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