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HoldFast 70 Cylinder Spray Adhesive

Very Fast Tacking Long Bonding Range General Purpose Construction Adhesive

HoldFast 70 is an extremely versatile, very fast tacking industrial grade spray adhesive with unique wide-web spray pattern.
It bonds almost immediately, and has a long bonding range.
Bonds to many substrates including polystyrene, drainboard, FRP panels, insulation, etc.
Ideal for bonding interior foams, fabrics (e.g. headliners), carpet, insulation, and for hard surface bonding such as laminates.
Use of this HoldFast 70 pre-pressurized cylinder will require a Delivery Hose, and a Scotch-Weld Standard Spray Adhesive Applicator Gun equipped with a 3M QSS Spray Tip; see Related Products, below.
Very fast tacking
For double side application
Tack/dry time: 30 seconds to 1 minute
Bonding range: 30 seconds to 60 minutes
Unique, heavy body lace (web) spray, with low soak-in - ideally suited for porous or irregular substrates
Bonds polystyrene without degrading the surface
General purpose marine contact adhesive
Typically used in construction, specialty vehicle, RV, manufactured housing and HVAC
Dispose of empty cylinder properly
Approx. 95 ft of coverage @ 1 gm/ft (dried weight) per lb of wet adhesive
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27.3 lb Holdfast 70 Cylinder Spray Adhesive - Translucent
SKU 212171

Mfg p/n 048011-61690
Color: Translucent
Net Weight: 27.3 lb
Solids Content (wt): 21%
VOCs: 544gm/liter
Out of Stock$328.81

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