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Portable Compressed Air Filter & Regulator Panel - with CO Monitor

4 Outlets Carbon Monoxide Filtration & Monitor

The Portable Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panel filters and regulates air delivered to your supplied air respirator from a shop-style compressor unit.
This unit also includes a carbon monoxide gas monitor with an alarm.
Carbon monoxide monitoring is important, especially when using older or poorly maintained compressors.
If a situation arises that causes the compressor to produce CO gas, say overheating, the CO can get into the air supplied to your helmet.
CO monitoring is also important in situations where you are unsure of the quality or condition of the compressor, or the compressor does not meet OSHA (and WISHA in Washington State) standards.
Most newer compressors have a high-temperature automatic shutoff mechanism in place to help prevent the formation of CO gas.
This unit offers four-stage filtration: 1) pre-filter particulate removal, 2) coalescing of liquid particulates, 3) charcoal filter for odors, 4) CO to CO conversion catalyst (approx. 60% efficiency).
Used in applications such as painting, metal grinding, welding, tank cleaning, ship building, construction, asbestos abatement, petroleum industries, pharmaceuticals, chemical handling, etc.
Compatible with 3Ms full line of supplied air respirators
Filter reduces particles, including water and oil mist, and has a carbon element to lower nuisance level odors
Can monitor for carbon monoxide in incoming supplied air
Comes in a durable carrying case - easily moved to other locations
Can be permanently mounted to the wall if desired
Option for "intrinsically safe" operation*** excellent for paint booths
Four outlets for respirators
Adjustable regulator and gauge
Portable or wall mounted
maximum 50 cfm total output @ 125 psi
Note that the integral CO Monitor requires periodic calibration to ensure its accuracy and worker safety.
See Related Products, below, for the Calibration Kit
Also see below for supplied air components used with this panel; choose between high and low pressure, depending on your compressor
IMPORTANT - This panel does not produce Grade D Air. The employer/owner is required to ensure that the compressed air used with any supplied air system meets the requirements for Grade D breathing air per the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification G-7.1-1997. In Canada, refer to CSA Standard Z180-1.
Heavy on the technical side...
While the integral CO conversion catalyst in this unit can remove limited amounts (approximately 60%) of carbon monoxide from the incoming air by converting it to CO this is for emergency purposes only, giving the user time to leave the contaminated area the condition allowing for the formation and transmission of CO into the supplied air stream MUST be immediately rectified.
***The carbon monoxide monitor in the 3M Portable Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panels is CSA Certified Intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous Locations ONLY when utilizing the two 9 volt batteries to power the monitor.
If the monitor is powered by the optional 120 VAC adapter, the Intrinsically Safe Certification is voided.
The Intrinsically Safe Certification is also voided when the remote alarm jack is used.
For maximum efficiency of the panel, the temperature of the compressed air should be 68F to 150F (20C to 65C) and the relative humidity of the compressed air should be greater than 20% and less than 70%.
The data provided herein is intended for general information purposes only.
This product must be used only by qualified persons trained in its safe handling and proper use and maintenance.
This product should be used only in strict accordance with and adherence to the detailed instructions and precautionary statements provided on the product and in the user instructions which accompany each product.
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Portable Compressed Air Filter & Regulator Panel (Model #256-02-00)
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CO Filter: Yes
CO Monitor: Yes
Inlet Pressure: 125 psi
Maximum Connections: 4
Maximum Total Air Flow: 50 cfm
Model #: 256-02-00
Outlet Pressure: 0 - 125 psi
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