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JF Diesel Fuel Additive

A Microbiocide For Fuel and Water in Fuel Storage

Biobor JF is a liquid fuel additive that combats fungus and other microbial life in hydrocarbon fuels, such as diesel and jet fuels, but is also effective in light oils and transmission fluid. Biobor JF eliminates growth of harmful slime-producing fungi that clog filters and pipelines, attack rubber fuel system components and whose waste products aid in the corrosion of metal surfaces. Toxic; follow directions carefully.
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
BioborJF Diesel Fuel Additive, 8 oz Diesel Fungicide
SKU 57641

Mfg p/n BIOBOR-8OZ
Type: 8 oz Diesel Fungicide
10 in stock$19.20
BioborJF Diesel Fuel Additive, 16 oz Diesel Fungicide
SKU 57642

Mfg p/n BIOBOR-16OZ
Type: 16 oz Diesel Fungicide
96 in stock$23.52
BioborJF Diesel Fuel Additive, 32 oz Diesel Fungicide
SKU 57644

Mfg p/n BIOBOR-4
Type: 32 oz Diesel Fungicide
16 in stock$42.40
BioborJF Diesel Fuel Additive, 55 Gal Diesel Fungicide
SKU 216522

Type: 55 Gal Diesel Fungicide
Out of Stock$4,820.38
BioborJF Diesel Fuel Additive, 5 Gal Diesel Fungicide
SKU 206013

Type: 5 Gal Diesel Fungicide
2 in stock$574.94

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