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MD Diesel Conditioner

Boost Engine Performance and Efficiency

Biobor MD is an all-inclusive diesel treatment to boost engine performance and efficiency and protect your diesel engine year-round. Fuel combustion qualities are increased, injectors are cleaned and lubricated, fuel is stabilized and corrosion is inhibited; all resulting in a cleaner, more efficient engine. Unique to Biobor MD, all the critical characteristics to improve performance and protect your diesel engine are included in one treatment, PLUS Biobor MD contains cold weather protection for year-round use with a single product!
Reduces soot up to 94%
Increases cetane by up to 6 pts
Stabilizes diesel up to 2 yrs.
Prevents corrosion in fuel system
Anti-Gel and lower CFPP
Inhibits Corrosion & adds lubricity
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Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Biobor MD Diesel Additive Conditioner - 16 oz.
SKU 440580

Mfg p/n BIOBOR-MD-16OZ
Size: 16 oz.
Treats: 120 Gallons
29 in stock$13.47
Biobor MD Diesel Additive Conditioner - Gallon
SKU 440585

Size: Gallon
Treats: 960 Gallons
3 in stock$85.07
Biobor MD Diesel Additive Conditioner - 32 oz.
SKU 440582

Mfg p/n BIOBOR-MD-32OZ
Size: 32 oz.
Treats: 240 Gallons
18 in stock$24.67
Biobor MD Diesel Additive Conditioner - 5 Gallon

SKU 442798

Size: 5 Gallon
Treats: 4,800 Gallons
3 in stock$375.69

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