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Peltor PTT Push-To-Talk Adaptor for Kenwood Radios - FL5035

FL5000 Series Adapter for Two-Way Headsets

In-line radio Push-To-Talk adapter for Peltor two-way radio headset/earmuffs.
Works as an adapter for Kenwood TK Series and Funkey communication radios.
NATO wired.
Compatible radio models:
HYT TC-268, HYT TC-270, HYT TC-368, HYT TC-370, Kenwood Models; Funkey, TH-K2AT, TH-K2E, TH-K4E, TK-208, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2107, TK-2130, TK-220, TK-2207, TK-2307, TK-240, TK-240D, TK-248, TK-250, TK-250G, TK-260, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G, TK-278, TK-308, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-3102, TK-3107, TK-3130, TK-3131, TK-320, TK-3201, TK-3202, TK-3207, TK-3301, TK-3306, TK-3307, TK-340, TK-340D, TK-348, TK-350, TK-353, TK-360, TK-360G, TK-361, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372G, TK-430, TK-431, UBZ-LH14, UBZ-LH68, UBZ-LJ8, PR4G PX-888, Puxing PX-328, Puxing PX-333, Puxing PX-666, Puxing PX-777
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Peltor Push-To-Talk Adapter for Kenwood Radios - FL5035-02
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