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92077/9050 Ultra Soft Disposable Earplugs

32 dB Noise Reduction Rating World`s Softest Earplugs

The world's softest earplugs.
Self-adjusting foam provides low pressure with excellent attenuation.
Dermatologically safe foam is non-irritating to the skin.
NRR 32 dB*
Smooth and soft foam formulation
Expands slowly to fit most ear canals comfortably
Easy to use
Available in packs of 7 or 4 pairs
* Note that the NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use.
3M recommends reducing the advertised NRR by 50% for estimating the actual amount of noise reduction provided.
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
92077 Ultra Soft Disposable Earplugs, 32 db, Pack of 4 Pairs, Orange
SKU 427984

Mfg p/n 020500-00016
Color: Orange
Qty: 4 Pairs
Out of Stock$1.91
92050 Ultra Soft Disposable Earplugs, 32 db, Pack of 7 Pairs, Orange
SKU 427986

Mfg p/n 051141-33352
Color: Orange
Qty: 7 Pairs
Out of Stock$2.79
92050 Disposable Earplugs, 32 db, 4 Pairs, Multi Colored

SKU 427985

Mfg p/n 078371-92050
Color: Multi Colored
Qty: 4 Pairs
1 in stock$3.76

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