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Carbon Monoxide Monitor Retrofit Kit for W-2806 Air Purification Panel

Upgrades Your W-2806 Panel to Detect CO in the Supplied Air Stream

This 3M retrofit kit is used with 3M Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panels that do not currently have Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitoring capability such as the 3M W-2806 Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panel (Automotive #07006).
The 3M retrofit CO monitor kit is comprised of a 3M CO monitor, mounting bracket, flow meter, and hardware connections to attach the monitor to an available 3/8" port on a filter and regulator panel.
Provides continuous, direct read CO monitoring for compressed air used with supplied air respirators
Connects directly to the Compressed Air Filter and Regulator Panel
Designed to be intrinsically safe, when used on battery power
Shows a visual LED indicator and sounds an 85 dB alarm when the CO in the sample reaches a preset level (10 ppm in USA; 5 ppm inCanada)
Note that CO Monitors require periodic calibration to ensure their safety and accuracy.
See Related Products, below, for the Calibration Kit
Also note that 37027 is the automotive product number for this W-2808 Kit.
Heavy on the technical side...
An internal microprocessor controls the indication and alarm functions in response to the signals of an electrochemical CO sensor.
It continuously monitors a compressed air sample introduced to its sensor at an approximate rate of 1.0 standard cubic foot per hour (scfh) and gives an alarm when the CO in the sample reaches a preset level (10 ppm in USA; 5 ppm in Canada).
The CO monitor can be powered utilizing two 9 volt alkaline batteries or an optional 110V AC adapter.
It is designed to be intrinsically safe when used on battery power.
The CO monitor is CSA certified intrinsically safe for Class I, Div. I, Groups A, B, C, and D Hazardous Locations when utilizing two 9 volt alkaline batteries to powerthe monitor.
If the monitor is powered by the included 120V AC adapter, the Intrinsically Safe Certification is voided.
The Intrinsically Safe Certification is also voided when the remote alarm jack is used.
Before use, each person using this equipment must read and understand the user instructions.
Your employer must provide breathing air that meets at least the requirements of the specification for Grade D breathing air, as described in the Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification G-7.1-1997 in the United States.
In Canada refer to CSA standard Z180.1, for the quality of the compressed breathing air.
Failure to do so may result in sickness or death.
For maximum efficiency of the panel, the temperature of the compressed air should be 68F to 150F (20C to 65C) and the relative humidity of the compressed air should be greater than 20% and less than 70%.
The data provided herein is intended for general information purposes only.
This product must be used only by qualified persons trained in its safe handling and proper use and maintenance.
This product should be used only in strict accordance with and adherence to the detailed instructions and precautionary statements provided on the product and in the user instructions which accompany each product.
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