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20" 777F Premium PSA Cloth Bench Grinder Discs

20" Dics 80 and 36 Grits

These discs are perfect for bench-mounted sanders or other tools with a 20 inch PSA plate.
They are constructed on heavyweight cloth backing, with a strong PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive - stronger than Stikit) that will stand up to the high temperatures encountered in heavy coarse grit sanding.
These discs are available with both premium (777) and economy (348) series abrasives:
These are the 777F premium discs which have a Cubitron and aluminum oxide blended abrasive for superior, consistent cutting with higher durability and longer life than standard aluminum oxide discs.
Use them on stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, and some carbon steel applications.
These 777F discs perform dramatically better than the 348D economy discs.
Constructed on a rigid, heavy F-weight polyester cloth backing
Grinding aid for less loading and cooler runniing
Resin bonded for additional heat resistance
Heavy on the technical side...
A little more about Cubitron:
Cubitron particles are somewhat less sharp than aluminum oxide, but they are harder and wear down more slowly.
The 777 Series blend of both minerals results in a disc that provides faster cutting and extended life compared to a traditional premium aluminum oxide disc.
The Cubitron also provides a more consistent scratch pattern throughout the life of the disc.
It is especially suitable for high heat applications such as working on tough metal substrates - like stainless steel or cold rolled steel.
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20 in. 777F Premium PSA Cloth Sanding Disc - 36YF Grit
SKU 385840

Mfg p/n 051135-14408
Abrasive Series: 777F
Diameter: 20"
Grit: 36YF
Out of Stock$37.63
20 in. 777F Premium PSA Cloth Sanding Disc - 80YF Grit
SKU 391224

Mfg p/n 051135-14404
Abrasive Series: 777F
Diameter: 20"
Grit: 80YF
Out of Stock$331.06

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