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Professional Earmuff

30 dB Noise Reduction Rating Superior Comfort and Fit

As soon as you put these earmuffs on, you'll be aware of.....silence. Truly impressive performance with superior comfort, fit, and hearing protection. We've used several sets of earmuffs, including some from 3M; but these are the best. You'll still be able to hear some background noises, but the most egregious noise is greatly attenuated.
Fully adjustable steel wire padded headband can be shaped to accommodate the width of your head.
The ear cups can be adjusted higher or lower on your head.
Patented twin-cup design.
For moderate to high noise.
Use to help protect ears against noises exceeding 85 decibels.
NRR of 30 dB*
Excellent fit, comfort and hearing protection
Steel-wire padded headband that is fully adjustable for a customized, snug fit
Padded headband is easy on your scalp - even if you're bald
Twin-cup, patented design provides high attenuating hearing protection
* Note that the NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use.
3M recommends reducing the advertised NRR by 50% for estimating the actual amount of noise reduction provided.
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