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Marine and RV Water Filters with Installation Kit

Includes Connection Hose and Fittings

These are kit versions of 3M's Marine and RV High Capacity Water Filters.
3M High Capacity RV and Marine Filtration Systems address concerns about the quality of tank-stored water on boats and RVs, or from questionable water hook-ups at docks and campsites.
These filters offer the highest level of protection from bacteria and algae.
They remove contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, silt, and rust.
The result is clear, odor-free, good-tasting water - directly from the tap.
Even with their very fine filtration, 3M water filters are constructed to deliver exceptional flow rates and unmatched service life.
Silver impregnated, anti-bacterial filter elements make these filters ideal for tank-stored water which may go some time between uses.
Filter changes are a breeze, as there is not separate filter element.
The entire disposable cartridge simply twists on or off, with no water dripping or spillage, and no bowl to clean.
These in-line filters install under your sink or in the main water supply line from your tank or water inlet.
They can filter water at flow rates comparable to your household water supply, and use your existing plumbing fixtures.
They connect to your plumbing system with familiar hose or pipe fittings.
The filter head will accept any of the three sizes of B Series cartridges; see Related Products, below
Choose the filter size according to the output of your water pressure pump in gallons per minute (gpm).
Note that 3M uses very conservative ratings for the flow capacity of these filters.
Experience has shown that the B3 cartridge will handle flow rates of 5 gpm.
B1 flow rate: 1.5 gpm; capacity: 2,500 gallons
B2 flow rate: 2.5 gpm; capacity: 7,500 gallons
B3 flow rate: 3.5 gpm; capacity: 15,000 gallons
Carbon core removes more than 95% of chlorine, bad tastes and odors
Eliminates sediment, silt, and rust down to an incredible 0.2 microns
0.2 micron filtration physically blocks and removes 99.99% of bacteria, molds, and paracytic cysts
By-pass plug allows for easy winterizing and line sanitizing
Compact design is easy to install with no special tools required
Unlike many others, the 3M filter cartridge can be mounted in any orientation
Installation kit includes filter head with integral mounting bracket, cartridge, and by-pass plug
Also includes 3/8" tubing and fittings to plumb into most existing water supply hoses
Performance independently certified by NSF International
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High Capacity Water Filter Kit - Filter Head with 2.5 gpm B2 Cartridge and Installaion Accessories
SKU 195824

Mfg p/n 016145-11592
Capacity: 7,500 Gal.
Installation: Main Water Supply Line
Max. Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm
Microns: 0.2
Model: WV-B2
Use For: Sed., T/O & Bacteria
Use With: Any B Series Cartridge
Out of Stock$240.13
High Capacity Water Filter Kit - Filter Head with 3.5 gpm B3 Cartridge and Installaion Accessories
SKU 195826

Mfg p/n 016145-11596
Capacity: 15,000 Gal.
Installation: Main Water Supply Line
Max. Flow Rate: 3.5 gpm
Microns: 0.2
Model: WV-B3
Use For: Sed., T/O & Bacteria
Use With: Any B Series Cartridge
Out of Stock$269.66

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