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Flexible Foam 8463

Automix Cartridge 2-Part Urethane Expanding Foam

Flexible Foam 8463 is a soft and flexible two-part urethane which foams in place to form a soft, squeezable, closed-cell foam.
Since it is so soft, Flexible Foam 8463 will expand to fill the available cavity, but will not exert excess pressure on the walls of the cavity.
This is very different from the rigid foams you are used to, which can exert high pressures as they expand and cure.
When cured this foam is very soft, and will remain soft.
In automotive applications, it is designed to replace OEM's flexible foams found on door intrusion beams, roof bows, inside body panels, pillars, and in other automotive body cavities when repairs are made.
In marine applications, this foam is useful for sealing openings and cable pass-throughs in engine and other compartments for soundproofing purposes.
Flexible foams, like this 8463, are much better at absorbing sound and vibration than rigid expanding foams.
Expands to 10 times its original volume to fill large cavities with a small amount of material.
Use with MixPac applicator guns 08117, 08571, 98073; see Related Products, below
Use with 200 ml static mixing nozzle #08193
Color - black
Foam time 40 seconds
Work time 5 min
Cure time 1 hour
Paint time 1 hour
Leaves warehouse: 1 business days
(if in stock)

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

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200 ml Automix Flexible Foam
SKU 212235

Mfg p/n 051131-08463
Applicator Gun: #08117(Man.); 09930 (Air)
Color: Black
Per Case: 6
Size: 6.75 fl oz (200 ml)
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