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PPS Sun Gun II Light Kit

A Superior Paint Color Matching & Final Inspection Light

The PPS Sun Gun II Light is a spectrally correct light that mimics natural, outdoor sunlight.
It is a painting industry standard for matching colors and identifying surface defects in high gloss finishes.
Although marketed as a paint color matching tool, the Sun Gun is equally valuable for finding faint swirl marks and missed spots when buffing.
Of course, it will also highlight gelcoat color mismatches in repair jobs.
The Sun Gun II is the perfect answer to the challenging conditions specific to the marine surface repair and topcoating industry cloudy weather, painting and buffing in buildings and tents with shadows and poor lighting, etc.
Ever see a poorly matched repair job that, "Looked great under the tent"?
The Sun Gun can prevent this embarrassing, and costly, scenario by highlighting slight color discrepancies and small surface imperfections.
This is a "must have" for every paint shop, saving you money on costly re-dos.
Helps select paint that best represents the actual color of the vessel being repaired regardless of weather and lighting conditions, or where the boat is located in the shop
Assists in determining what is necessary to correct mismatched paint repairs
Identifies pre-paint defects such as pin holes, sand scratches, and solvent-pop reducing the potential for re-works
Identifies post-paint defects such as swirl marks, burn through, and dust-nibs while still in the shop without having to wait until the boat is taken outside
Helps find and evaluate all damaged areas when estimating a repair job - don't find surprises later
Comes complete with Sun Gun II, battery, and 110V charger
The Sun gun II offers these improvements over the original Sun Gun:
Longer battery run time
Wider, more even light beam
Improved battery charger
More durable bezel
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