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Peltor Junior Ear Muffs

22 dB Noise Reduction Rating

Significantly smaller than adult versioons, these earmuffs are an excellent solution for protecting your child's hearing in a variety of venues such as car races, rock concerts, football stadiums, fireworks, small plane travel, or even sleeping in a noisy car.
They are designed to effectively dampen harmful noises without shutting out other ambient sounds such as instructive comments from an adult.
Packaging says "for ages 13 and up", but these will fit infant heads.
NRR 22 dB*
Liquid-foam filled ear cushions are comfortable for extended wear
Bendable stainless steel headband with vinyl-covered foam padding
Adjustable cups can slide up and down on frame
No removable or protruding parts
Bright pink (or blue) cups for added visibility
Made in USA
* Note that the NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use.
3M recommends reducing the advertised NRR by 50% for estimating the actual amount of noise reduction provided.
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Peltor Junior Ear Muffs, 22 dB, Pink
SKU 428095

Mfg p/n 078371-97022
Color: Pink
Per Case: 6
Rating: 22 dB
Type: Over-the-Head
1 in stock$19.33
Peltor Junior Ear Muffs, 22 dB, Blue
SKU 428096

Mfg p/n 078371-97023
Color: Blue
Per Case: 6
Rating: 22 dB
Type: Over-the-Head
Out of Stock$19.33

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