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2210 Scotch Vinyl Mastic Tape Roll

90 Mil Premium Sealing and Insulating Mastic

Need to apply an insulating barrier or moisture-seal to an odd shape?
3M 2210 Mastic is made of a thick, self-fusing, non-hardening, stretchable, rubber-based insulating compound laminated to a flexible, all-weather grade vinyl (PVC) backing.
Mastic tape is designed to pad, insulate, and moisture seal all electrical connections up to 600 volts.
It has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkali, acid, copper corrosion, and weather conditions, including sunlight.
Common uses include bolted connections, grounding rod connections, cable end sealing, service drops, bolted bus bar connections.
Flexible over a wide range of temperatures
Temperature rated to 176F (80C)
Highly resistant to UV light
Compatible with all common solid dielectric cable insulation
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
Rated for 600 volts maximum
Note - Mastics must be protected from sharp edges by underwrapping and/or overwrapping, as appropriate.
See Technical Data Sheet
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Vinyl Mastic Tape Roll - 4 in. x 10 ft
SKU 388529

Mfg p/n 054007-11222
Adhesion to Polyethylene: 200 oz/inch width
Adhesion to Steel: 200 oz/inch width
Application Temperature: 0°F - 100°F
Breaking Strength: 20 lb/inch width
Color: Black
Dielectric Strength: 300 volts/mil
Elongation: 200%
Insulation Resistance: >106 megohms
Per Case: 10
4 in stock$69.91

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