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Ventilation Hose Adapters

This is a relatively simple, lightweight hollow tube with a ridge on the outside, designed for routing a ventilation hose through the deck. Use a hole saw, insert the adapter, caulking around the outside, attach the appropriate size vent hose with a hose clamp, and cover the outside opening with a clamshell vent. Do a good job on the caulking. No internal baffling, so there is no protection against wind-blown rain or waves entering the boat.
For use with Beckson C1, C5, and CS7 vents
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Ventilation Hose Adapters, 3 in.
SKU 02204

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Size: 3"
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Ventilation Hose Adapters, 4 in.
SKU 02205

Mfg p/n A-4
Size: 4"
9 in stock$7.49

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