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Bearing Buddy Protector

Keeps Trailer Wheel Bearings Protected

Bearing Buddy replaces the dust cap in the axle hub. The hub is filled with grease via a fitting in the piston of the Bearing Buddy. This spring loaded piston then holds a slight, constant pressure inside the hub. When wheels are submerged, this higher pressure, together with the hub being full of grease, keeps out water. The piston rides on an O-ring seal. Any attempt to overfill the hub forces the piston out beyond the O-ring, and excess grease escapes around the edge of the piston. This automatic pressure control feature limits pressure in the hub to 3 psi to protect the rear seals from rupture. Since the hub is full of grease, the bearings are constantly lubricated and the rear seals last longer as they ride on a lubricated surface. To convert a model number to the hub bore in inches (or dust cap diameter), simply place a decimal point after the first digit in the model number (1.980 for example).
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Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Bearing Buddy Protector, 1.980 (BUD 1980A)
SKU 01567

Mfg p/n 42201
Outer Bearing Cone: L44643, L44649, L44640
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): L44610
Size: 1.980
Out of Stock$22.19
Bearing Buddy Protector, 2.080 (BUD 2080)
SKU 01568

Mfg p/n 42801
Outer Bearing Cone: 900 Series
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): 900 Series
Size: 2.080
Out of Stock$21.72
Bearing Buddy Protector, 1.810 (BUD 1810)
SKU 03299

Mfg p/n 41101
Outer Bearing Cone: LM67049
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): LM12711
Size: 1.810
1 in stock$20.30
Bearing Buddy Protector, 1.938 (BUD 1938)
SKU 03300

Mfg p/n 42301
Outer Bearing Cone: O9067
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): O9194, 95, 96
Size: 1.938
Out of Stock$21.72
Bearing Buddy Protector, 1.980 (BUD 1980T)
SKU 03302

Mfg p/n 1980T-SS
Outer Bearing Cone: All Internally Threaded Hubs
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): N/A
Size: 1.980
Out of Stock$28.70
Bearing Buddy Protector, 2.047 (BUD 2047)
SKU 03303

Mfg p/n 42401
Outer Bearing Cone: Various
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): O7204
Size: 2.047
Out of Stock$21.72
Bearing Buddy Protector, 2.328 (BUD 2328)
SKU 03305

Mfg p/n 43101
Outer Bearing Cone: LM67048, Hub Not Counterbored
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): LM67010
Size: 2.328
Out of Stock$24.99
Bearing Buddy Protector, 2.717 (BUD 2717)
SKU 03307

Mfg p/n 42717
Outer Bearing Cone: 14124, 14125A
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): 14276
Size: 2.717
Out of Stock$32.91
Bearing Buddy Protector, 1.968 (BUD 1968)
SKU 42191

Mfg p/n 42601
Outer Bearing Cone: M12649, O7100
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): M12610, O7196
Size: 1.968
Out of Stock$21.72
Bearing Buddy Protector, 2.562 (BUD 2562)
SKU 42192

Mfg p/n 42562
Outer Bearing Cone: 48548
Outer Bearing Cup (Race): 48510
Size: 2.562
Out of Stock$33.30

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