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SS Pop-Up Cleat with Backing Plate

Flush-Mounted - Functions Like Conventional Cleat

This elegant cleat keeps decks free of protruding cleats, prevents injuries, and avoids tangled lines. Simply push a button to pop up, and push down on the cleat to lock it in the flush position.
Made of highly polished type 316 stainless steel
Available in four sizes
Proper installation with included backing plate ensures high strength comparable to standard protruding cleats (backing plate serves as cut-out template)
Mounting hardware (not included): 4 bolts each 3/16" - 4-1/2 cleat; 1/4" - 6" & 8" cleats; 5/16" - 10" cleat
Optional plastic waterproofing cup prevents run-off below decks
Optional through-hull fittings for up to 1/4" thick hulls
Optional top-mounting backing plate allows for easy installation from above the deck
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Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Pop-Up Cleats with Plate, 4-1/2 in. Cleat
SKU 96840

Mfg p/n 202-4
A: 3"
B: 5-1/4"
C: 1-7/8"
D: 7/8"
Type: 4-1/2" Cleat
8 in stock$98.77
Pop-Up Cleats with Plate, 6 in. Cleat
SKU 96841

Mfg p/n 202-6
A: 3"
B: 6-3/4"
C: 2-5/16"
D: 1"
Type: 6" Cleat
8 in stock$107.39
Pop-Up Cleats with Plate, 8 in. Cleat
SKU 96842

Mfg p/n 202-8
A: 3-3/4"
B: 9"
C: 2-5/8"
D: 1-1/8"
Type: 8" Cleat
2 in stock$143.73
Pop-Up Cleats with Plate, 10 in. Cleat
SKU 96843

Mfg p/n 202-10
A: 4-1/2"
B: 10-7/8"
C: 3-3/8"
D: 1-3/8"
Type: 10" Cleat
Out of Stock$224.71

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