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Grade 30 BBB Anchor Chain

Hot Dip Galvanized

The silicon rich steel used for this chain promotes better bonding of the zinc galvanizing to the iron. Acco BBB chain undergoes a careful 11-step hot dip galvanizing process. This results in an exceptional finish with a higher zinc content and superior corrosion protection.
BBB short-link chain is less likely to kink or form knots when pulled from the chain locker than the longer link proof coil chain
A low carbon steel, general purpose chain, ideally suited as anchor chain
Compatible with all major brands of windlass; check fit or contact windlass manufacturer before purchase
All Acco chain is proof-tested at the factory
Embossed 3B
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Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Grade 30 BBB Anchor Chain, 3/8 in.
SKU 00387

Mfg p/n 410140602
Drum: 400 ft.
Inside Length [Max.]: 1.09"
Inside Width [Min.]: 0.62"
lbs/100 ft: 156 lb
Size: 3/8"
Wire Dia.: 0.406"
WLL: 2750 lb
Wt./Ft.: 1.5 lb
1388 in stock$6.26
Grade 30 BBB Anchor Chain, 1/4 in.
SKU 40638

Mfg p/n 410140402
Drum: 800 ft.
Inside Length [Max.]: 0.87"
Inside Width [Min.]: 0.43"
lbs/100 ft: 72 lb
Size: 1/4"
Wire Dia.: 0.281"
WLL: 1325 lb
Wt./Ft.: 0.72 lb
760 in stock$4.22
Grade 30 BBB Anchor Chain, 5/16 in.
SKU 40642

Mfg p/n 410140502
Drum: 550 ft.
Inside Length [Max.]: 1.00"
Inside Width [Min.]: 0.50"
lbs/100 ft: 110 lb
Size: 5/16"
Wire Dia.: 0.344"
WLL: 1950 lb
Wt./Ft.: 1.10 lb
49 in stock$5.12
Grade 30 BBB Anchor Chain, 1/2 in.
SKU 48493

Mfg p/n 410140802
Drum: 200 ft.
Inside Length [Max.]: 1.34"
Inside Width [Min.]: 0.75"
lbs/100 ft: 277 lb
Size: 1/2"
Wire Dia.: 0.531"
WLL: 4750 lb
Wt./Ft.: 2.82 lb
190 in stock$10.94

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