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12V Group 75/25 RedTop AGM Starting Battery - 720 CCA

Dual Posts - SAE Top Posts & GM Side Posts 33 lb

Optima absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are sealed and maintenance-free. They combine proven lead/acid electrochemistry with a unique highly efficient spiral-cell design that provides up to twice the service life of a traditional starting battery, faster charging, and more recharging cycles - even in the hottest and coldest climates.
Red Top models are Starting Batteries with high cold cranking amps - ideal for extreme duty vehicles. You know who you are. Out-performs and outlasts traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications.
Red Top batteries are best suited for vehicles that have alternators capable of keeping up with all electrical loads. If you have demanding electrical accessory loads - such as winches, audio systems, and other devices - an Optima YellowTop dual purpose battery will be a better choice.
Delivers the strongest 5 second ignition power for a reliable start-up every time
Outperforms and outlasts traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications
Spill proof - no excess liquid; can be operated in any position without the risk of leakage
Never needs water; sealed - so no corrosion can form on the posts, connectors, or cables
Unaffected by vibrations that destroy ordinary batteries
More economical than ordinary batteries over the long life of the battery
Dual posts: SAE automotive & GM style side terminal 3/8"-16 UNC-2B
Dimensions (including terminals): 9.3"Lx6.8"Wx7.6"H
Weight: 33 lb
3-year free replacement warranty; 1-year commercial use
Leaves warehouse: 1 business days
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Specs Status Price Quantity
12V RedTop Group 75/25 AGM Starting Battery - 720 CCA, 33 lb
SKU 192051

Mfg p/n SC75U
Alternate Part Numbers: 75/25, 8022-091, 9022-091, 75-25, 75/35-925, RED75/35, 12853, RED 35/75, N9975/25RED
Amp Hr: 44 Ah
CCA: 720 CCA
Dimensions: 9.3"Lx6.8"Wx7.6"H
Group Size: 75/25
Posts: Top & Side
Res Cap: 90 min
Type: Start
Volts: 12V
Weight: 33 lb
Out of Stock$222.94

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