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Shades Pleated

Our pleated shades offer a stylish and practical solution for many sizes and types of marine ports. In addition to ensuring privacy and security on board, the shades help keep your boat cooler by reducing radiant heat.

Available in Navy and Creme, the shades have 1 inch pleats. When not in use, the shades stack neatly and are retained by straps.

The battened head allows easy and flexible installation and the shades are self-adjusting for height. They can be bottom, top or flat mounted. Please note, however, these shades are not suitable for mounting on a angled surface greater than 20 degrees from vertical. A simple snap system secures the shade up or down.

The 100% polyester fabric will hold up in the harsh marine environment. It is easily cleaned with a sponge and water. For heavier cleaning, a foam upholstry cleaner may be used. The shade fabric blocks details from view but silhouettes are visible.

Improve the looks and function of your boat interior with a set of pleated shades!
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Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
40 inch wide by 12 inch long (max) 802622Available$82.95
30 inch wide by 12 inch long (max) 802621Available$64.95
25 inch wide by 12 inch long (max) 802620Available$52.95
20 inch wide by 12 inch long (max) 802619Available$46.95
15 inch wide by 12 inch long (max) 802618Available$41.95

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