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Sun Awning - Foredeck

Sturdy foredeck awning blocks sun, rain, even wind

We've never seen anything like the Shadetree sun awning. Which figures, because it was invented by Tom Schlinkert, a distributor of sporting goods. Tom figured out that a good awning ought to work just like a modern, hi-tech tent. And that's what you see: a tent that sets up over a sailboat. Only the Shadetree awning offers:

  • Self-supporting; no halyard attachment required
  • Handles beam winds up to 25 knot gusts
  • UV resistant Dacron fabric
  • Quick and easy to set up, take down
  • Reduces effects of blowing rain, creates shade at most sun angles
  • A split in the canopy allows rigghing to pass through (split is reinforced
    and made water tight with velcro flaps)

A Shadetree on the bow assures a cooler V-bert and allows forward hatches to be open in varied weather. It's unique dome shape gives it exceptional qualities of stability, protection, ventilation, and storage.

Fabric - The commercial grade 9 oz. Dacron fabric, also known as Aqualon, has an exterior coating which is waterproof, heat reflecting, and UV inhibitor treated. The fabric is guaranteed for 5 years.

Construction - All hems are bound and reinforced with 1-1/2" webbing. Hardware is marine grade Delrin nylon with quick-release buckles. Additional lashing points utilize heavy bungee cord loops for shock absorption.

Convenience and comfort - After a couple of practice runs, most skippers report a 10-minute set-up or takedown. It protects both people and gear from harmful UV light, as well as reducing cabin temperatures -- and expanding your usable deck in rain.

Storage - The entire package, including folding support wand set,fits into a drawstring duffel. 8" x 36" for small sizes, 10" x 36" for large sizes.

Structural system - Support wands are made of high-compression fiberglass tubing. The wands are in multiple 26" sections. Bungee cords run through the hollow center of the wands, holding the sections together in aluminum fittings. This system forms a unified flexible span, which, when arched, becomes a free standing support for the entire canopy. The wands are passed through a webbing tunnel sewn the width of the canopy... just like a dome-style tent. This is why the Shadetree awning is structurally sound when flexed, requiring no halyard support, yet compact to store.

Attachment to the boat - Webbing straps run from the edge of the Shadetree canopy to the lifeline, where the wand is led on the inside of the lifeline and the webbing on the outside (see illustration).

Color - The standard stocked color is an Oyster White. Marine Blue is available by special order for $20.00 additional. Allow three weeks lead time if you'd like to have Marine Blue. Please contact us if you're interested in this option.

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For instructions on how to measure for your boat click here.

The stated widths below reflect the arch created by the support system, not the boats width

Size 120 recommended for Catalina 27
Leaves warehouse: 7 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
Model 130 (156 in. long x 156 in. wide tapering to 86 in. - Oyster) 802474Available$719.00
Model 120 (114 in. long x 136 in. wide tapering to 86 in. - Oyster) 802473Available$465.00
Model 110 (76 in. long x 110 in. wide tapering to 60 in. - Oyster) 802472Available$400.00

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