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Raritan PHII

Rated BEST BUY by Practical Sailor!

Raritan has been building marine sanitation products for many years and has established a reputation for high quality, long-lasting, reasonably priced products.

The PHII is considered by many to be the best marine toilet around and is an excellent choice for most sailboat installations:

  • Simple design means economical, trouble-free, quiet operation
  • Powerful flushing action
  • Simple and flexible installation for mounting above or below waterline
  • Can be mounted for pumping on either left or right side
  • Easy to clean china bowl and non-corroding thermoplastic case and housing
  • Dry pumping is easier because air vent reduces back pressure
  • Double action piston pump simultaneously draws new flush water as it discharges the waste water
  • Can be used with on-board treatment systems and/or holding tanks
  • Each unit is assembled by hand, individually tested and backed by Raritan's one-year Limited Warranty and legendary technical support team

The cruiser's choice

By using raw water for flushing, on board water supplies can be reserved for essential freshwater use. In addition, the PHII pump has a unique, easily replaceable seal cartridge. A simple quarter turn of the inlet water valve control knob allows the bowl to be pumped dry without using additional water. This provides the user with the option of emptying the bowl while in heavy seas. A special air vent reduces back pressure.

Convenience of electric pumping; simplicity of the PHII

Manual PHIIs can be easily converted to electric operation with an Electric Conversion Kit

Click here to see drawing with dimensions of toilets.

Additional parts that are needed for installation: hose clamps, four stainless steel mounting bolts (minimum 1/4" or 6mm) or lag screws and washers, 1-1/2" (38mm) I.D. sanitation hose, and 3/4" (19mm) I.D. sanitation hose. If installing a PHEII you will also need fuses or circuit breakers, and wiring.

Leaves warehouse: 4 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
PHII Manual with Household Size Bowl. 802427Available$433.00
PHII Manual with Marine Size Bowl. 802426Available$379.95
Electric Conversion Kit for the PHII. 12 volt. 802428Available$369.95
PHII Pump Assembly 802430Available$186.95
Repair Kit for PHIIs manufactured after 6/92 802429Available$62.95

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