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Many production sailboats are designed to let lots of light below decks. Unfortunately, those same ports offer an excellent view of your cabin and staterooms to other sailors in crowded marinas! Plus, they make for hot cabins on sunny days.

Introducing the PORTShade. This ultra-slim cassette roller-blind will fit even the smallest ports. The sleek shade cassette has a silver anodized finish and the interior side of the shade is a handsome neutral beige for interior color coordination (shown in picture).

The shade comes in five standard sizes which are designed to work with the most common ports used by sailboat manufacturers.

The shades are mounted with single screws on each end so installation is a snap - all screws are included. And, they can be installed on a vertical or horizontal surface. When installed the shade is designed to clear up to 1/2" of portlight trim.

Measure your hatch to determine the minimum shade size allowing approximately 1 inch clearance all around for frames and mouldings. Select the next larger size from the list below.

For more than ten years, Oceanair has been the world's leading manufacturer of marine shades. Their products use only the finest marine materials and are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Leaves warehouse: 5 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

Choose a housing color (the "housing" is the metal cylinder at the top of the shade):

Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
28-3/8 wide x 12-5/8 long (max), 30 width required for hardware 802617Available$81.95
26 wide x 12-5/8 long (max), 27-5/8 width required for hardware 802616Available$69.95
18-1/8 wide x 12-5/8 long (max), 19-3/4 width required for hardware 802615Available$57.00
15 wide x 11 long (max), 16-5/8 in width required for hardware 802614Available$48.95
13-3/8 wide x 11 long (max), 15-1/8 width required for hardware 802613Available$47.95

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