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Hatch Umbrella

Open your forward hatch even in the pouring rain!

Nothing is worse than summer rain on a hot muggy day. You need to open your hatches... but you can't without soaking your berths!

Now there's a solution: Introducing the Hatch Umbrella.

The Hatch Umbrella is a pyramid shaped tent that keeps rain out of your forward hatch (or aft hatch), but lets the air in. The umbrella measures 42 in. x 42 in. x 30 in. Just attach a halyard to the top to raise the Hatch Umbrella, then secure the corners to a toe rail, lifeline, stanchion, or other deck hardware. Voila! You can breathe again!

No more restless nights (or days) in a stuffy cabin.

The Hatch Umbrella is available in two materials depending on your use.

The original is made of Nylon and available in two color combinations: blue with white (pictured), and solid white.

For sailors who live in sunny climates and leave the umbrella up to block both rain and sun, you should opt for the new UV Resistant Polyester umbrella. The UV Resistant umbrella comes in all White or Royal Blue.

Each umbrella comes in its own compact storage case (bungees for securing the corners are not included).

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Item Item No. Status Price Quantity
UV Polyester, All White 8024612 in stock$69.95
UV Polyester, All Blue with black webbing 802462Out of stock$69.95

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