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Brass Spring Check Valve

Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Bronze Poppet

These valves have a moderately loaded spring that moves a brass disc along the longitudinal axis.
The sealing mechanism is a neoprene O-ring mounted on the outer edge of the disc.
Positive seal ensures against leakage
Self cleaning
W.O.G. rated at 200 psi
Corrosion resistant material
Cast red brass body
Neoprene O-ring seal
Can be used vertically or horizontally
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Current inventory as of Saturday, 8:30 am Pacific time
Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Brass Spring Check Valve, 1/4 in.
SKU 142089

Mfg p/n 944428
B: 1.26"
C: 2.28"
Pipe Size: 1/4"
Out of Stock$18.34
Brass Spring Check Valve, 3/8 in.
SKU 142093

Mfg p/n 944429
B: 1.5"
C: 2.28"
Pipe Size: 3/8"
Out of Stock$21.51
Brass Spring Check Valve, 1/2 in.
SKU 142094

Mfg p/n 944430
B: 1.77"
C: 2.43"
Pipe Size: 1/2"
4 in stock$16.84
Brass Spring Check Valve, 3/4 in.
SKU 142095

Mfg p/n 944431
B: 2.13"
C: 2.72"
Pipe Size: 3/4"
4 in stock$25.03
Brass Spring Check Valve, 1 in.
SKU 142096

Mfg p/n 944432
B: 2.36"
C: 3.23"
Pipe Size: 1"
Out of Stock$33.56
Brass Spring Check Valve, 1 in.-1/4 in.
SKU 142097

Mfg p/n 944433
B: 3.03"
C: 3.62"
Pipe Size: 1"-1/4"
3 in stock$42.94
Brass Spring Check Valve, 1-1/2 in.
SKU 142098

Mfg p/n 944434
B: 4.21"
C: 4.04"
Pipe Size: 1-1/2"
2 in stock$53.07
Brass Spring Check Valve, 2 in.
SKU 142100

Mfg p/n 944435
B: 5.51"
C: 5.04"
Pipe Size: 2"
Out of Stock$67.36

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