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Super Flex Audio Cable

Speaker Wire for the Marine Environment

Super flexible and easy to run
Clear jacket blends into the environment
Drawn copper, unidirectional lay for ultimate in sound quality
Tinned copper for corrosion resistance in the marine environment
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Current inventory as of Wednesday, 12:30 am Pacific time
Item Our SKU
Mfg P/N
Specs Status Price Quantity
Super Flex Audio Cable, 16/2, 100 ft.
SKU 99071

Mfg p/n 142610
Spool Length: 100 ft.
Wire Gauge: 16/2
4 in stock$54.20
Super Flex Audio Cable, 14/2, 100 ft
SKU 192593

Mfg p/n 142410
Spool Length: 100 ft
Wire Gauge: 14/2
100 in stock$0.81
Super Flex Audio Cable, 14/2, 250 ft
SKU 191709

Mfg p/n 142425
Spool Length: 250 ft
Wire Gauge: 14/2
2 in stock$131.63
Super Flex Audio Cable, 14/2, 1000 ft
SKU 190401

Mfg p/n 142499
Spool Length: 1000 ft
Wire Gauge: 14/2
1 in stock$502.85
Super Flex Audio Cable, 16/2, 500 ft
SKU 184794

Mfg p/n 142650
Spool Length: 500 ft
Wire Gauge: 16/2
3 in stock$226.91

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