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GVP Model PAPR - Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Supplies Independent, Mobile Filtered Breathing Air Without Hoses to Pull Around

Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) are motorized systems that use a filter to clean ambient air before it is delivered to the user.
They provide protection for a wide range of applications, including paint spraying, grinding, sanding, and welding.
3M's GVP model PAPR will supply purified air to any of our 3M Versaflo Headpieces; see Related Products, below.
A PAPR system typically includes a belt which holds the PAPR assembly (blower, battery and battery charger), a filter housing, and flowmeter.
The PAPR is used with your choice of headgear (loose-fitting faceshield, hood, full facepiece, etc.) and breathing tube to connect the headpiece to the PAPR, and your choice of appropriate filter or cartridge.

3M's GVP model of PAPR is ignition protected.
The 3M GVP PAPR is available with either a plain webbing belt (Model GVP-1), or a padded Comfort Belt (Model GVP-CB).
The Comfort Belt version is, by far, the more popular, as it provides better support for the weight of the unit and battery pack.
GVP assembly weight varies from approximately 3.5 to 5 lb, depending on the filter/cartridge used.
Heavy on the technical side...
GVP-1 PAPR assembly includes: GVP-100 low noise motor blower, GVP-110 power cord, GVP-111 NiCd battery pack, GVP-112 battery charger, GVP-113 flowmeter, GVP-128 webbing shoulder strap, GVP-115 blower plugs, GVP-116 filter plugs, and GVP-127 webbing waist belt
GVP-CB PAPR "Comfort Belt" assembly includes: all the components of the GVP-1, but instead of the webbing belt and shoulder strap, it includes a CB-1000 padded waist belt - similar to a "back support/lifting" belt - which fits 26" to 54" waists
PAPR Features:
Certain PAPR systems provide a higher level of respiratory protection than non-powered air filtering respirators
Constant flow of air can provide cooling for the worker, resulting in greater comfort for the wearer
Loose-fitting headgear options provide respiratory protection without the need for a tight faceseal or fit testing can be worn with beards
Low noise, battery-powered blower pulls the air through the filter resulting in no additional breathing resistance to the wearer
A variety of NIOSH approved high efficiency particulate filters is available
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